Is Reality TV Worth It?

One close look at most reality shows will have you thinking that perhaps women are more likely to be frenemies than allies. A good example is The Real Housewives series which is one of the most recognizable and well-known reality TV franchises of all time.

People all over the world seem to agree, as evidenced by the 11 American locations and the additional 21 international spinoffs. Why do we find watching these housewives so entertaining, whether it’s in Beverly Hills, Melbourne, Durban, or most recently Dubai?

Drinks flying through the air. Smashed wine glasses. Snatched weaves. Flipped tables. Catfights. Dramatic storming off. Those are just some of the memorable moments featured in The Real Housewives saga since its first instalment, The Real Housewives of Orange County, first aired in 2006.

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By showing how the ladies interact with one another on a daily basis and weaving in personal confessionals, the franchise has expertly perfected presenting the explosive characteristics of the housewives. The housewives are videotaped in their homes during these confessionals, where they comment on the episode’s events, reveal their genuine feelings, or simply criticize the other cast members in private.

There has been simmering drama among the women, and it is now beginning to boil over. Things got really tense after Sorisha called Nonku out for talking about Annie behind her back and exposed her.

The opening of Sorisha’s new beauty salon in her husband Vivian Reddy’s mall also ended up being a reading session rather than a joyful occasion. The introduction of Nesh Sanelisiwe Bhengu, also known as Chef Nesh, threw a wrench in the plan and left us all curious about who she was.

From watching these reality tv shows, one can agree that drama follows these ladies because without it, then there won’t be a show. Even Khanyi Mbau and Zari Hanssan had to beef on their show, Young, Famous and African just to give the audience some drama. But is it worth it? Find out here.

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