Charles Leclerc positive at end of test: his analysis of Ferrari

Good signs and optimism ahead of the start of the championship.

Charles Leclerc talks about a good Ferrari at the end of the three-day Formula 1 test in Bahrain. The Monegasque driver then wanted to explain exactly what the work of the Cavallino focused on, which ended the day on Saturday with the fourth and fifth fastest times. Faster than the Red Bull were in fact Sergio Perez’s Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes and also the Alfa Romeo of Valtteri Bottas.

“These three days of testing were very intense,” Leclerc explained. “We dedicated the first day to taking measurements of the new Ferrari. We had to run it to compare the factory data with the track data. So on the next two days we were mainly concerned with tuning.”

“The first day was interesting, and it confirmed the indications we already had. And on the second and third days we made promising progress,” Leclerc added. “On the track I also focused on different driving styles, because I wanted to understand which one best suits the new Ferrari.”

Appointment now is at the Bahrain Grand Prix. “We will be back here in a week for the start of the Formula 1 championship. It will be interesting to be back on track, and only then will we really understand what the real values of these cars are,” Leclerc stressed.

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