Romanian Red Cross inaugurates first mobile kitchen for Ukrainians in Bucharest

The Romanian Red Cross recently inaugurated the first mobile kitchen for Ukrainian citizens in Bucharest, at Romexpo.

“This project is intended to provide real-time support to those in emergency situations, like Ukrainian citizens in our country,” said Raluca Mihalache, communications expert for the Romanian Red Cross, cited by G4Media.

She explained that the emergency mobile kitchen is a specialized vehicle equipped to provide food and hot drinks in times of crisis or natural disasters. Easily transported, the kitchen, made out of two parts that can also be used separately, can prepare over 1,5000 servings of hot food per day.

“The mobile kitchen we are presenting today is an example of innovation and adaptation to emergency situations, when weather conditions or natural disasters negatively affect food supply. The mobile kitchen is designed to be easily transported to the necessary location and is equipped with its own generator that can ensure independence from the national power grid,” Marius Ion, director of logistics and procurement within the organization, said.

“The cooking equipment in the mobile kitchen is adapted to be used outdoors in case buildings are destroyed or inaccessible. It is operated by specialized personnel or previously trained volunteers and can serve a wide variety of hot meals to meet the nutritional needs of those affected by emergencies and disasters. The two mobile kitchens can prepare over 1,500 servings of hot food per day,” he added.

The kitchen will be stationed at Romexpo for one month, during which it will provide hot meals for 12,300 Ukrainian citizens, prepared by Chef Foa and the Stradale kitchen staff.

“From day one, the Romanian Red Cross has worked intensively to provide assistance, starting with food, shelter, and everything needed to help refugees,” Emilie Goller, head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies delegation in Romania, said.

“The speed at which people, the Romanian government, and the Red Cross organization reacted deserves praise. From the first day of the conflict, local authorities and the community received refugees with compassion and dignity,” Ahmed Patel, the Head of the Department of Foreign Policy and Security at the British Embassy in Romania, said.

He added that the United Kingdom has also sent experts to the region and provided supplies to Ukraine, including medicine and food.

“First of all, I want to thank the Romanian people, the Romanian Government, and the City Hall of Bucharest for all the support, hospitality, and assistance provided to our citizens. We hope to return home as soon as possible. Many people have remained in Ukraine and are now in danger, and that is why we hope to receive support in the future as well. Thank you very much!”, said Anna Honcharova, Secretary I at the Embassy of Ukraine in Romania.

Over the last 12 months, the Romanian Red Cross Society has supported nearly 600,000 vulnerable Ukrainians with food, hygiene products, health, and psychosocial support services, integration services for children and adults, and other interventions such as creating social stores, implementing Romanian or English language courses, and organizing professional orientation activities.

“The generosity of the Romanian people has helped us send 462 trucks loaded with over 5,000 tonnes of essential materials to Ukraine, which have reached thousands of vulnerable people,” the Romanian Red Cross noted.

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