Mercedes and the comparison with Red Bull: George Russell is bitter

The admission is clear: there is a lag from the competition.

George Russell does not turn around the problems of Mercedes, which stumbled into a very difficult day in Bahrain where Formula 1 pre-season testing is being held. The British driver had to stop due to a hydraulic problem when he had set the 13th fastest timed time. Most worrying, however, is the two-second delay from Red Bull.

“Compared to a year ago, things are much better. We were lost, because of the characteristics of the single-seater and also the propoising. Now it’s not so bad, although we still have to improve a lot. But realistically it will be difficult to be at Red Bull’s level at the Bahrain Grand Prix,” Russell explained in a press conference.

“Let’s say that in general we are where we thought we already were. The next few days will be a bit difficult, but we know that Mercedes’ strength lies in its ability to develop the car over the months. So we are convinced that we will improve,” Russell assured, however.

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