8 Biggest Deal Breakers In Relationships

People look for different qualities in a romantic partner, and what you and I may see as a major red flag and reason to end the relationship, others may not see as a major deal breaker.
Even though there is no universal list of relationship deal breakers, here are a few common ones to keep an eye out for.

1. Physical And Emotional Abuse.

Everybody deserves love and respect in a relationship and any form of abuse be it physical, emotional or even mental abuse should not be tolerated at all.
Even when you have disagreements, you should be able to resolve your differences in a civil manner without resulting in abuse. 
Just because he has ever beaten you up only once and he apologized and promised not to hurt you again doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. Abusive people have a pattern of regretting their actions but repeating them all the same.

2. You Have A Lot Of Fights.

Disagreements in relationships are normal, and healthy even, but if you and your partner are always fighting about every little thing and you never seem to resolve your conflicts in a healthy manner, then perhaps you two are just not meant to be.
You see, healthy communication is a key ingredient in every successful relationship as it enables partners to explain their needs to each other and form a connection. If you and your partner have endless disagreements, it means that you don’t have healthy communication and that’s a big deal breaker.

3. Your Partner Is Unfaithful.

Infidelity is another major deal breaker in a relationship. You are honestly better off alone than with a partner who sleeps around with other people.
Not only does a cheating partner expose you to sexually transmitted infections, but his cheating also directly implies that he doesn’t care enough for you and your feelings and that your relationship is not important to him.
The moment you realize that he has cheated, you should just end things and walk away because he will do it again. And even if he doesn’t, do you think you will ever trust him again?

4. Extreme Religious And Political Differences.

Having extremely divergent values is a major deal breaker in relationships that many people ignore during their dating period and it always comes back to bite them.
Are your religions and values compatible? Can the two of you make compromises and meet in the middle regarding your differences? If you can’t, then it’s better if you just part ways when it’s still early because it will get more complicated when the children are involved.

5. You Want Different Things.

It always gets to a point in life where, as a woman, you want a stable relationship with a clearly planned future and if you can’t see a future with that person then you just have to cut ties and move on.
If you and your partner seem to have very different future plans that do not co-exist then that could be a deal breaker in your relationship.
Issues like career goals, children, investment plans, and living arrangements should all be discussed very early on in the relationship to avoid wasting each other’s time.

6. Poor Personal Hygiene.

Poor personal hygiene is a red flag and a real deal breaker in a relationship that shouldn’t be ignored.
If a person can’t take care of themselves, what makes you think that he will take care of you or your relationship?
When we talk about personal hygiene, we mean the basic minimum. Of course, the basic minimum is different for everyone, so you need to ask yourself what the basic minimum is for you and what is it you can’t tolerate as far as hygiene or lack of it is concerned. 

7. Different Spending And Saving Habits.

Finances are often at the centre of a lot of decisions that you make as a couple and are a major cause of many fights in relationships.
Observe your partner’s saving and spending habits keenly and see if they are smart and reasonable enough to continue with the relationship. 

8. Extreme Sexual Incompatibility.

Besides companionship, friendship, and partnership, intimacy is also an important glue that holds a romantic relationship together.
Extreme sexual incompatibility could range from having extremely divergent preferences in the bedroom that prevents you from fully satisfying each other to simply being turned off by your partner’s body or actions. 
There is a popular opinion that breaking up because of sexual incompatibility is silly, with the backing that many couples’ relationships survive even without good sex. But is it really worth it and should you stay in that relationship? 
You could try talking to your partner and seeing how the two of you can improve your bedroom affairs and if it doesn’t work out, it’s just better if you cut ties and move on before one of you starts cheating.

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