‘You can’t always win; The second place wasn’t a bad result in 2022’ – Lin Jarvis

The Monster Energy Yamaha had a tough season in MotoGP last year, having a bike that didn’t measure up to the competition in the fight for the top positions. Fabio Quartararo was the team’s best rider, ending the championship in second, with the french battling for the title renewal until the very end. The rider was also the only one on track capable of delivering results with the YZR-M1.

Lin Jarvis, Team Director of the team, told the PecinoGP YouTube channel that the coming season is viewed with greater optimism and enthusiasm within Yamaha: ‘Right now, honestly, we have a feeling of optimism. Everyone is looking forward to starting again, we had a good test so we are excited’.

Regarding 2022, he is of the opinion that the outcome turned out not to be negative, also pointing to the lowest point of the journey: ‘I would say that the low point was probably the beginning of last year – it was really the lowest point. Because then we realized that we would have a hard job. We ended up finishing second, and for me second place is not a big low point. We have to relativize; you can’t win every year. We now have five manufacturers, there were six last year, which means that five were not going to be successful, only one was going to be successful. You have to accept that, it’s part of life. You can’t always win, so I don’t think second place was a bad result. But it was a tough season, it was hard to accept the fact that we didn’t have what we needed last year, that we couldn’t give the riders what they needed. So hopefully this year will be better’.

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