Marc Marquez relaunches: the double promise to Honda

A very clear message about the immediate future and also about the somewhat more distant future.

Marc Marquez relaunches and returns to set ambitious goals regarding his adventure with Honda. In fact, the Catalan has reiterated that he wants to return to the top and to do so with the team that allowed him to become six-time MotoGP world champion.

“I have heard some rumors about my future, but my contract with Honda still has a duration of two years,” Marquez reminded the official MotoGP channels. “I want to return to the top, that’s my goal. But I dream of doing it with Honda, and I believe in it very much. “

Marquez then reiterated what his relationship is with the Japanese manufacturer. “With Honda there is great respect and a now long relationship. This will help us overcome the difficulties we are facing. And after the tests in Malaysia we have made progress. The feelings are good, and we will try to stay positive all the time. Expectations are very high, but managing pressure is a habit for us,” added the Catalan rider.

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