Heartbreak over an abandoned dog found starving and in horrendous condition

Dark-brindle American bulldog Coco was dumped by its owner in such a neglected state that the vet doubted she was going to make it. But despite her body score of only one out of nine, the resilient pooch showed a willingness to live and is now recovering.

Neglected and malnourished

The bulldog-type dog was abandoned in Hull, England and found ‘in an extremely thin state’.

Named Coco by its rescuers, the pup was taken in by the RSPCA and rushed to the vet. The pooch’s body was so emaciated, the vet gave it only one to nine.

Details behind this American bulldog’s past are unclear, but her owner is thought to be from the local area.

Coco has some distinctive markings on her body from untreated allergies, but blood tests have shown there are no obvious underlying health issues that could have contributed to her malnourished condition.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Hill said:

Coco is a lovely-natured dog but it’s clear from her very poor state of health that she’s not received anything like the appropriate level of care.

According to Hill, the pet is now making very good progress and ‘has put on four kilograms in a little over two weeks’. She believes Coco ‘will continue to go from strength to strength’.

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Who was capable of such cruelty?

The RSPCA is now appealing for information and is hoping that someone will recognise Coco and get in touch.

The charity made a statement:

We’re appealing to anyone who recognises her or has information about where she may have lived, to get in touch with us so we can move this investigation forward and find the person who neglected her.

Anyone with information about Coco can contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line, in confidence, at 0300 123 8018.

As animal rescues across the country are under extreme pressure due to the extraordinary amount of abandoned pets at the moment, RSPCA appeals to more animal lovers to come forward and foster or adopt them. Head to RSPCA’s website to learn more about the charity and support their vital animal welfare and rescue work.

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