7 Clear Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

A recent report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) revealed that most relationships in this country are doomed as the cheating rates among both men and women are shockingly high.
Although nearly all cultures, religious institutions and moral teachings strongly oppose cheating in relationships, many people in relationships still cheat on their partners.
While men have always been known as the dominant cheaters, it appears that women are levelling the numbers, at least based on the recent KNBS numbers. 19% of women admitted to having cheated on their partner in the past year against 35% of men.
Most women who have affairs rarely get caught easily unlike their male counterparts since women are generally more cautious when having affairs and try to cover their bases.
That said, there are some common characteristics that cheating women often exhibit that are hard to miss. Before we delve into the red flags, you should know that these characteristics are not enough evidence to conclude that your partner is cheating and you need to have evidence of cheating before accusing your partner of cheating.

1. She Is Secretive.

One of the most noticeable characteristics that a cheating woman can exhibit is being suddenly secretive about issues that she would normally share with her partner.
If she gets defensive when asked about where she has been or who she was with, or she suddenly doesn’t want you near her phone when she previously didn’t have a problem telling you about her whereabouts or with you checking her phone, it could be a red flag that she is having an affair.

2. She Is Emotionally Distant.

Unlike most men who can have sex without getting emotionally attached, women’s biology is quite different. Generally, women get attached to people they are intimate with; this is of course not true for all women.
When a woman becomes physically and emotionally intimate with another person besides her partner, it is expected that she will become less emotionally invested in her relationship with her partner. She might stop taking an interest in her partner’s life and she might also stop sharing details about her life with her partner. 

3. Her Sexual Patterns Change.

A sudden change in sexual appetite is another characteristic that a cheating woman might exhibit. She might suddenly not want to be intimate with her main partner because she is getting some on the side and her sexual desires have been fully met.
Alternatively, she may exaggerate her sexual desire for her main partner and this could be because she is feeling guilty as hell and is trying to cover up for being unfaithful.

4. She Has A Cheating History.

They say that history repeats itself and bad habits don’t die easily, this implies that if a woman has ever had an extra-marital affair, there is a high chance that she might cheat again.
This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should discredit everyone. Some people do change and it’s only fair to give somebody the benefit of the doubt if they say they have changed.
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5. She Is Nicer Than Usual.

If she is feeling guilty for cheating, a woman might try to cover up for her guilt by being extra nice to her partner than usual.
She could of course, just be acting nice because she really loves and values you but if she has exhibited the other signs of cheating, then the overcompensation should be a red flag.

6. She Accuses Her Partner Of Cheating.

Another technique that a woman might use to hide her cheating is blaming her partner for cheating on her without having any evidence.
Because she is cheating and hasn’t been caught, a woman might believe that everybody, including her partner, cheats. She needs to believe that she is being cheated on so that she can feel a little bit better about herself.
This could also be her defence technique so she can shift attention from herself and continue to hide her affair in plain sight.

7. She Changes Her Schedule.

When a woman starts having an affair, she might alter her entire schedule in order to accommodate her side dish.
The sudden late meetings at work, the out-of-the-blue weekend retreats, the constantly sick relatives, and the numerous baby showers could all be a ruse and she is spending all that time with her other partner.

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