Types Of Couples In Relationships

This week, some love birds were excited and others disappointed, depending on the level of expectations each one had. As Valentine’s Day went by, CBD turned red, people carried flowers and couples walked hand in hand, I couldn’t help but notice the different couples in town. 
In a fancy restaurant in what seemed like a candle-lit dinner with a couple enjoying a romantic evening, an argument quickly ensued and the lady left the table cursing the man out for being childish and immature and the popular, you have a small genitalia.
Maybe the man disclosed that he had gotten someone else pregnant, which wouldn’t be ideal to reveal on a dinner date, especially Valentine’s. Buts are there proper ways of disclosing this? Anyway, here are different types of couples in relationships. 

The Toxic Couple 

We all know they are not good for each other and have an unhealthy relationship but because love is blind, they are absolutely unaware of that. We know of a partner who continuously cheats, and is emotionally abusive and narcissistic. They are a breathing red flag.

In fact, every time the friend narrates her tumultuous experiences, her friends can’t help but stare in disbelief. The unhappy partner is always reminded that she deserves better and is worthy of a good relationship but most times these pleas land on deaf ears. They keep breaking up and getting back together.

Drunk In Love Couple

They are so in love that they can’t help but annoy you. They kiss each other often, hold each other’s hands, and make the rest of you feel like orphans in love or as if God created you on a sunny boring afternoon and forgot to pair you with a soulmate. 

They are always calling each other sweet names and won’t mind telling you what gifts they got for each other for Valentine’s and how their relationship is blooming. They are joined at the hip, inseparable. You always know once you see one at a social gathering, you’ll see the other somewhere.

To make matters worse, the man goes to the gym and can carry their partner (not figuratively) and is a chef who can whip any culinary dish. Hell, he even knows how to undo braids and plait matuta. Then there’s you who doesn’t get a good morning text. 

Always Arguing Couple

They love each other but often this love turns into hate and one partner, often the lady turns a mountain out of a molehill and before you know it, she has exploded like a rocket into the skies and it takes their boyfriend’s pleading and begging to bring them back to earth. 
A glance from a lady, unanswered texts or calls, or chewing food loudly is enough reason to start world war three. One partner always seems possessed by the need to control the other, suffocate them and make them feel like a puppet. It’s always evident that someday the persevering partner will walk away and the other will curse the world for being abandoned. 

The Chilled Couple 

It’s hard to tell whether they are doing okay or are going through any problems. They barely argue or seem to go through any rough patch in their relationship. At times, they seem bored of each other but fond enough to stay together.

More often, these couples have been together for ages, they started dating after high school. You never know whether they will break up or ride to the sunset together. You can never figure them out. 

The Party Animals

They should never have met because they are not good for each other. They met during a drinking spree or a birthday party. They both consider themselves the life of the party and tend to indulge in a lot of alcohol.

When one is wasted, no one is sober enough to help the other. It takes the help of friends to get them home or settle their bills. Their relationship always seems unstable but these are the type who outlast the ones who seem more mature and in control of their life. 

The Perfect Couple 

When you hear people talking about finding the piece of their missing puzzle, this is who they refer to. They have a healthy relationship where everyone feels seen and heard. They are both emotionally mature, self-aware, and know the importance of therapy. 
Every argument starts with, I hear you and I understand where you coming from but…. Everything about them is admirable from how gentle and intentional they are with each other to how peaceful their love is. They are aware of their partner’s love languages, their trauma, insecurities and always give assurance from time to time. They were made for each other. 

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