RNF’s sponsor says that MotoGP has smaller fanbase than F1 but they’re ‘more consolidated’ and ‘real’

MotoGP is looking for new ways to appeal to fans, at a time when its audiences have fallen both on the circuits and on television – this after the end of a generation of riders who moved a lot of audiences, such as Andrea Dovizioso, Dani Pedrosa or, of course, Valentino Rossi.

On the other hand, Formula 1 is experiencing strong growth in the number of followers at all levels. However, CryptoDATA – main sponsor of the Aprilia RNF MotoGP Team where Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez will ride for this season – considers that there is a fundamental difference that tips the scales for the premier class of motorcycling: the character of the fans.

Ovidiu Toma, Co-founder and CEO of the romanian company, said quoted by Crash.net that the MotoGP public has a greater knowledge and attachment to the championship: ‘MotoGP has a more consolidated fanbase than Formula One, in our opinion. That means a fan who really understands the sport – rider names, numbers, history, bike brands and at least some team achievements. On the other hand, if we look at Formula One, some of the newly built fanbase is there for the status’.

Bogdan Mărunţiş, CryptoData’s responsible for Global Strategy, commented: ‘MotoGP is at 30% of Formula One at this moment, if we want to be realistic. In Formula One, the fan base has grown because of Netflix. Now they have two types of users: The young guys 17-24, maybe a little bit less, and then over 24, which is the same age as MotoGP. The average budget that one fan can spend in MotoGP is not as high as in Formula One, but our advantage in MotoGP is that a fan of MotoGP is a real fan’.

And explained his point of view: ‘A fan in Formula One might have seen it on Netflix and likes the lifestyle more than the racing. But the marketing is good, the hype is working and their [F1] fan base is growing’.

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