Deutsche Schule Bukarest (DSBU) invites all parents and children to the Open Day

The German School in the northern part of Bucharest opens its doors to the public on Friday, March 3rd, from 8:00 to 15:00.

On this day, parents will be able to visit the campus inside and outside, and they will also be able to attend classes to understand and authentically feel the energy and standards to which Deutsche Schule Bukarest rises.

The school is equipped with 2 multi-purpose fields, gymnasium, labs, smartboards, music rooms, auditorium, library, cafeteria, medical office and much more that raise it to the level of school of excellence.

In September 2020, the entire DSBU community moved into a new building where the school campus brings all age groups together under one roof in a multicultural environment. From creche to kindergarten and from primary school to middle school and high school, children and teenagers are supported in their development on all levels and thus receive a complete and excellent framework for development up to university studies.

DSBU’s vision is to build a future in which all children are better prepared for the next steps in every way. Because a supported, educated and balanced child today is the happy and capable adult of tomorrow. At DSBU the child can find the framework and the tools to become an independent, educated and responsible citizen who can make an informed and engaged contribution to shaping the future.

The school stands out for its diversity, responsibility and interculturality. Classes are conducted entirely in German and teachers are native German speakers. Romanian language and literature are not neglected and is taught at the Romanian curriculum level by outstanding teachers.

In addition to the curriculum, DSBU actively cultivates mutual respect, compassion for the environment, friendship, curiosity and creative expression.

All parents who wish to discover the DSBU campus and community have the opportunity to do so on Friday, 3 March from 08:00-15:00 where they will also discover the school’s exceptional facilities and the special amenities that children could benefit from if they choose to study here. You will also be able to get any information on enrolment and how activities are run directly from the source.

We invite you to take the time to complete the application form HERE and enjoy the experience.

DSBU contact details: 20G Coralilor Street, Bucharest.

– This is a press release.

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