Ask an expert: Coconut sugar vs Cane sugar: Which is healthier?

Expert opinion from Ala’a Eideh

Ph.D. in Human Nutritional Sciences · 7 years of experience · Canada

Health wise, both sugars are very similar, and here is why. Both sugars are refined, processed simple sugars, once you have any of them in your body, your blood glucose levels will increase at the same rate. However, coconut sugar is slightly less processed, and to this point, it contains some nutrients other than just simple sugar. These include small amounts of minerals such as zinc, iron and most importantly calcium. But it is worth noting that too much of coconut sugar is not a healthy choice.

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Expert opinion from Drew Hemler

BSc. Dietetics · 8 years of experience · Canada

Coconut sugar and cane sugar are both made of simple carbohydrates called monosaccharides and disaccharides which are digested rather quickly (quick energy), in comparison to complex carbohydrates found in legumes, vegetables, fruits, and other plant foods which are digested more slowly (long-lasting energy). Neither types of sugar contain micronutrients; They are 100% carbohydrate. Coconut sugar and cane sugar are nutritional comparable; One is not superior to the other.

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Expert opinion from Marcelli F. Chagas

Bachelor in Nutrition · 1 years of experience · Brazil

Coconut sugar is taken from the coconut tree and not from the coconut itself, which slightly changes its nutritional composition in relation to the fruit. Coconut sugar also contains a fiber called inulin, which helps to slow down the absorption of glucose, which gives coconut sugar a lower glycemic index than that found in regular refined sugar.

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