Canker Sore : What is it & treatments


A shallow and painful ulcer or sore on the inside of the mouth. This makes eating and talking difficult.


The sore forms inside the mouth, on the tongue or at the base of gums. It has a red border and white or yellow center. It is painful and makes eating and talking difficult.


Though the exact cause is unknown certain factors like injury, stress, vitamin deficiency could be responsible.


It is usually self-diagnosable. Consultation may be required if it does not cure for over a week.

Common treatment options

How is this diagnosed?


  • Can usually be self-diagnosed
  • Rarely requires lab test or imaging
  • Can last several days or weeks
  • More common in females
  • Family history may increase likelihood


Therapeutic mouthwashes: Help reduce pain and inflammation.

Hydrogen peroxide . Dexamethasone . Chlorhexidine

Topical products: Certain over-the-counter gels and creams reduce pain and help in faster healing.

Benzocaine . Fluocinonide

Nutritional supplements: Help in faster healing.

Folic acid . Vitamin B6 . Vitamin B12 . zinc

Questions to ask your doctor

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For informational purposes only. Consult a medical professional for advice. Source: Focus Medica.

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