How good is okra for you? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and health concerns

Perspective from Carolina Castro

PhD Candidate (Health Services), Post Graduate Functional Clinical Nutrition, Bachelor’s Degree Nutrition and Dietetics · 7 years of experience · Australia

Possible Side Effects

  • Okra can interact with diabetes and blood thinner medications.
  • Okra is rich in oxalates so excess intake may cause kidney stones, especially without regular water intake.

Quantity Recommendation

  • The daily recommendation of Okra is around of 80 g together with others vegetables to have all health benefits including digestive health.

Okra: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in.

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Perspective from Luciana M. Cherubin

Bachelor in Nutrition · 5 years of experience · Argentina

Possible Side Effects

  • Eating a large amounts of okra can cause diarrhea, gas and bloating in individuals with bowel problems.

Quantity Recommendation

  • Okra contains mucilage, a thick substance that becomes gummy when heated. Cooking it an acid-like tomato sauce reduces the gumminess.

Okra: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in.

Love Okra? Get nutritional facts, tips from health experts, and more

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