Romania reacts to Ukraine reportedly resuming Bystroye canal works in Danube Delta

The dormant dispute between Romania and Ukraine about the Bystroye canal that links the Black Sea and the Danube, a project pursued by Ukraine on its territory but with a major impact on the Danube Delta ecosystem in Romania, may be revived after the Romanian coast guard reported possible resumption of dredging works on the Ukrainian side on February 10.

The Ministry of Environment will prevent all works on the Bystroye canal that may affect the biodiversity and ecosystem of the Danube Delta, given that neither the national legislation of Romania nor the Ukrainian legislation allows for the carrying out of works in that area, minister Tanczos Barna announced on February 16.

He emphasized that communication with the Ukrainian side would be found through diplomatic channels.

“I emphasize once again that the Ministry of the Environment will follow these works, will follow the procedures based on European and international conventions, and we will prevent all the works that can affect the biodiversity and the ecosystem of the Danube Delta,” he said, according to

The situation was first reported by transport minister Sorin Grindeanu, who stressed that Romania will continue to help Ukraine while emphasizing that “we also need to observe international treaties”.

“There are signals that at this moment there are dredging works on Bystroye, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Environment must come up with a firm statement and report on the developments,” minister Grindeanu said at that time, Adevarul reported.

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(Photo source: Inquam Photos/George Calin)

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