Love Island: Kaz Crossley could be fined up to £22K after her recent arrest in Dubai

Kaz Crossley found fame in 2018 when she came in third on Love Island. The beauty is set to feature on Channel 5’s upcoming show The Challenge and does a lot of voluntary work in Thailand.

Kaz Crossley arrested

Reportedly, the star was travelling to Thailand for some more of her voluntary work through a connecting flight in Abu Dhabi. 2 years ago in 2020, a video of Kaz emerged where she was seen snorting a white substance in an orange dress in Dubai.

According to The Sun, Kaz was arrested based on that video alone and not because she had anything on her. A source claimed:

She was looking forward to getting back to Thailand where she has been doing voluntary work and all of a sudden she is languishing in a Dubai jail.

She was allowed to send just one email and wasn’t even allowed to make a phone call.

The source added:

The arrest wasn’t because of anything she had on her.

As far as we know it is all down to that video.

UAE has strict laws against drugs and first-time offenders face a minimum of three months in jail along with a fine ranging between £4,559 and £22,799.

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Kaz is assisting the police

Meanwhile, Kaz’s representative has argued that Kaz was not arrested but she was ‘stopped’ by the UAE police officials to assist them in a case. Clearing the 28-year-old former Love Island star’s name, Kaz’s representative said:

Kaz was travelling through Abu Dhabi on her way to Thailand, where she was stopped by UAE police and taken in for questioning in relation to a matter that is not directly related to her but officials felt she could assist in their enquiries.

Kaz has fully cooperated with officials and is free to continue her journey.

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Source Used

The Sun: Love Island star Kaz Crossley jailed in Dubai after clip emerged of her snorting white substance in super-strict country

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