Charles Leclerc frames the future: his priority at Ferrari

A central issue for much of his fans, but not for the person directly involved.

Charles Leclerc is not thinking about renewing his contract with Ferrari, but this does not mean that his commitment to doing well with the new SF-23 is less than in the past. On the contrary, the opposite is true: in fact, the Monegasque driver explained that he is not focused on his future because his only thought is to win on the track during 2023.

“It’s not urgent, our priority is to win – are the words of Leclerc that ‘QN’ picked up on the sidelines of the presentation of the new Ferrari -. When the time comes, we will meet to talk about it.” And besides the contract issue (expiring at the end of 2024), the Monegasque also addressed his relationship with Carlos Sainz.

“We push each other. And even off the track we hang out, between golf, padel and chess. Then it’s clear that each wants to be faster than the other. That’s normal,” Leclerc said about Sainz.

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