Understanding Cheating In A Relationship

I frequently inquire about people’s relationships. Furthermore, many of these relationships are unhealthy in that they are frigid, estranged and unloving. I hear tales of agony, betrayal, and lying as well as tales of heartbreak and loneliness. There is agony always. 

These discussions always come to a conclusion with some variation of the question “Why?” Why does he treat me in this way? Why has he stopped caring? Why won’t he change, you ask?

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Today, we try to find the reality of cheating in a relationship. According to research, all happy relationships are the same while all bad relationships are different in their own special manner.

1. Both Men And Women Cheat

Most people find it quite difficult to talk about infidelity in a calm manner. They start yelling and running around, blaming other people for their faults. They get so depressed and hurt that they are unable to perceive the red flags that are miles behind them and analyze the issue rationally. 
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Simply put: infidelity is likely to happen when a person’s urge for self-gratification overcomes their need for intimacy. 

3. Self-Gratification Is Universal

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But it may also be profound and complicated, such as being honest with your spouse about your concerns and insecurities or consciously choosing to be monogamous with them for all eternity.

5. Intimacy Vs Self-Gratification

A person will quit making sacrifices for the relationship and is likely to wind up cheating if they value self-gratification more than the intimacy they obtain from a partnership. 
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A person will readily give up some of their self-gratification to stay faithful if they value the connection they have in a relationship more than self-gratification. You have closeness on one side and self-gratification on the other. You get a cheater if at any point the intimacy side wins out over the self-gratification side.

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