McDonald’s introduces new ‘budget burgers’ after announcing shocking price hike of old menu items

McDonald’s has put up the prices of five items on its menu from today, blaming inflation for the hike as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

The fast food chain claims they have been hit by the rising costs of food and energy due to soaring inflation, which is currently at 10.5%.

Fast food price hike

Prices will be going up across the 1200 branches of McDonalds, although there will be some variation in costs as some outlets are franchises. The products going up in price are, as per The Mirror:

  • Mayo Chicken: 99p to £1.19 (up 20%)
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken: £1.59 to £1.79 (up 12.6%)
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger: £2.49 to £2.69 (up 8%)
  • Triple Cheeseburger: £2.69 to £2.89 (up 7.4%)
  • Medium Fizzy Drink: £1.39 to £1.49 (up 7.1%)

A spokesperson for McDonalds stated:

We are committed to offering great tasting food at affordable prices. However, like many businesses, the impact of the increase in food and energy costs continues to affect our company and our franchisees.

We carefully review and adjust pricing to offer great value and quality.

At the same time, we continue to work hard on how we can provide our customer’s value where it matters most, with personalised offers and rewards through the MyMcDonald’s Rewards scheme.

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New Saver Meal Menu

There is some good news for McDonald’s fans though as it is now trialling a new budget range of Savers Meal Menus at some of its stores, starting today. The meals include a choice of three different burgers and come with both a side and a drink and will all cost less than a fiver!

The burgers being trialled in the Saver Meal Menus include the Single Cheeseburger or Mayo Chicken retailing at £3.99 or the Double Cheeseburger at a price of £4.79

The deal is currently being trialled at 120 restaurants across the South East of England and will last for 12 weeks. If the menu is popular with customers then it is likely the scheme will be rolled out across the UK in the future.

The move comes just after the recent announcement of the return of popular McSpicy last week and fans can find further limited-time deals and discounts on the McDonald’s app.

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