Math professor from the West University of Timisoara arrested after allegedly harrasing 13-year-old minor

Police in Timisoara have detained Doru Marcel Bălțățeanu, professor at the mathematics and physics faculty of the West University of Timisoara (UVT), for allegedly trying to kiss and touch a 13-year-old minor in her private parts, as confirmed by local publication Opinia Timisoarei.

The complaint, which was filed by the student’s parents, notes that the incident took place at the teacher’s home where he gave extra mathematic classes. The magistrates of the Timisoara Court decided to place him under preventive arrest for 30 days. 

“We want to emphasize the fact that such behaviors flagrantly contravene the norms and values of the Western University of Timisoara, which has always pursued the promotion of moral and responsible behavior of its members,” the university said.

“We firmly support the approach of the competent institutions in the investigation of the context in which the alleged facts occurred, which were the basis of the complaint that triggered the investigation of the competent investigation institutions in Timisoara,” it added.

The professor is said to have over 10 years of experience in teaching. According to his listing, he charges around RON 100 for a 2-hour session with a student or RON 70 with two students. 

The case is still being monitored by the authorities, as well as the university. At the same time, UVT said it would investigate if there were such behaviors associated with the professor “without in any way influencing the ongoing criminal investigation, but aware of the overpowering role that education has.”

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(Photo source: capture from Opinia Timisoarei video/YouTube)

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