IT recruitment marketplace Huntly launches in Romania

Huntly, an IT recruitment marketplace developed in partnership with top Meta software engineers, announced its launch in Romania on February 15. The platform is dedicated to the CEE regional IT industry and is promoted as “a bridge between tech recruiters and international tech product companies.”

Huntly said it targets Romanian IT recruiters who have skilled software developers in their contacts list and want to build an additional income stream.

Recruiters can submit candidates from their existing database by uploading their CVs, and companies can then review the candidates and schedule interviews. If a software developer is hired, the recruiter receives a referral bonus. According to the press release, Huntly offers the highest bonuses on the market, reaching up to USD 4,000 per hired candidate.

“The tech market in Romania is rapidly expanding, with predictions of hundreds of thousands of new IT jobs becoming available in the coming years. With this growth comes the challenge of finding the right employees using traditional recruiting methods. We decided to address this challenge by creating a platform dedicated to the industry, which connects tech recruiters and international product companies, streamlining the hiring process for all parties involved,” said Nadiya Kovalchuk, a leading IT Recruiter from the Huntly team.

Jobs from tech product companies in high demand on the platform include data center engineer, DevOps engineer, interface developer, security specialist, as well as branch manager or UX/UI designer. The jobs listed on Huntly include the salary range, the technologies required, and detailed information about the responsibilities and benefits of the candidate.

Several global tech companies, such as Unifly, Paessler, ChromaWay, and LivePerson, have already used the platform’s services to find candidates.

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(Photo source: Huntly)

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