Single On Valentine’s Day?

Some people can’t afford to be single on Valentine’s Day. They’ll move heaven and earth to get someone to do it with. Others, even if they don’t want to, still find themselves solo. And then there are those who just don’t care. The day passes without them noticing or breathing in the romantic air of love.
If you are someone who is bothered about being solo on February 14, you should look up to the last group of people. Whether you have the fear that you won’t have a story to tell or just want to spend the big day in the arms of a man, it need not be that way for you to enjoy yourself. 
We’ll tell you why being single on Valentine’s Day is not as bad as you are making it out to be.

It’s All About You. 

Except if you decide to disappoint yourself. Let’s face it. The intensity wouldn’t be the same as someone who was waiting for something from someone else. Plus, you are likely to adjust to it quickly. 

You Save A Lot.  

than a single woman? Whilst others are emotionally drained because they are, not just spending time but also money thinking about what to get him, you get a free pass. 
Your money only does what you need it to do. Should you choose to go all out, well, it’s for you. Otherwise, you’ll probably do something that won’t drain your finances. 

You Have A Chance To Meet Him.

Apart from avoiding disappointments, having a relaxed Valentine’s Day is something that you should cherish. The fact that you don’t have to dress up and go for dinner or buy something,  live up to some expectations or even have the pressured discussion of what’ll you do makes it worthwhile to be single on VDay.

A Test Of Love.

Regardless of how you look at it, being single on Valentine’s Day has its upside. The reason you feel bad is that so much of the talk and hype around it is targeted toward couples. But, you can rock February 14 just as much as anyone else. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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