Romanian Ministry of Defense to buy 150 more Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers

Romania’s Ministry of National Defense has requested approval from Parliament to initiate the procurement process for 150 Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers. The cost of purchasing these vehicles is estimated at USD 674 million.

The new procurement program aims to increase the number of existing transport vehicles for troops, meeting the revamped NATO minimum capability requirements.

The program includes the purchase of 150 Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers, logistical support, and specific training equipment for the Romanian Army’s transformation program until 2040. The Permanent Committees of Parliament have decided to send the Ministry’s request to the defense committees to prepare the necessary documentation, according to Digi24.

“The program aims to increase the existing number of troop transporters, following the modification of the beneficiary’s operational requirements generated by the emergence, starting in 2020, of the new NATO capabilities code and the new minimum NATO capability requirements, which underlie the operationalization of the capability targets assumed by Romania in the NATO defense planning process, respectively, the achieving of objectives set by the Program for the Transformation of the Romanian Army by 2040,” stated Romanian minister of defense Angel Tîlvăr in a letter to Parliament.

The estimated costs of the purchase amount to USD 674 million, with real prices varying depending on the economic conditions at the time of signing the procurement contract, as stated by the Ministry of National Defence.

The armored personnel carriers will be produced in Romania, according to a Memorandum of Understanding between CN ROMARM SA – the branch of Societatea Uzina Mecanică Bucureşti SA, and the US weapons producer General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag GmbH.

Romania has already purchased 227 Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers for the Land Forces, with a total contract value of approximately EUR 868 million. The first 36 Piranha 5 armoured personnel carriers were delivered to the Romanian Army in October 2020.

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