Man Utd legend Ferdinand tells Rashford to make ‘horrible’ move as he recommends four improvements

Man Utd legend Rio Ferdinand has named four improvements Marcus Rashford can make to his performances to take his game to the next level.

The Red Devils forward has been in brilliant form this season with 21 goals and six assists in 34 matches in all competitions, while he also scored three goals at the World Cup for England.

Despite satisfaction with his goal contributions this season, many fans and former players still think he could produce a lot more for Man Utd.

And former Man Utd defender Ferdinand has picked out a number of things he can improve on, including a move to become a “horrible player to play against”.

Ferdinand told his FIVE YouTube channel: “If I’m a defender sometimes I look at him and he can make it easy for defenders at some points in the game if he offered the threat in behind a bit more he’d get more joy to feet and become the threat in behind still.

“His decision making on whether to come long or short, if he gets that he becomes even more of a horrible player to play against.”

Ferdinand added: “I think there is more of a dominance throughout the 90 minutes that he [Rashford] can bring where he’s bringing other people into the game even more.

“You know he’s got the passing and we saw that last season. Even when he was out of form, there were still elements where he can produce a pass out of nothing and put people in if there’s runners.

“Once he starts getting that synergy with a couple of the other players in the team, he will be able to pick out more… I think he can take over a game. I think he’s got that and we have seen him do that at points this season.

“If he can do that more consistently, then you are getting into the realms of a world-class football player. I don’t think he’s even that far off in terms of form right now.”

Ferdinand continued: “Even things like ball retention. We watched Messi in the World Cup and his ball retention is ridiculous.

“The amount of times the ball comes into him, at crazy angles and crazy pace, he simplifies it and makes it look so easy in difficult situations. It’s parts like that Marcus can add to his game as well.”

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