‘I feel like I can control the sliding better this year’ – Maverick Viñales

Aleix Espargaro said to believe that Aprilia can still improve the power delivery of the RS-GP, curiously one of the aspects in which his teammate, Maverick Viñales, considers there to be more improvements this year.

The number 12 was speaking to journalists about the power delivery of his RS-GP at the end of the tests and his opinion is not the same as Aleix’s:

– To be honest, I wasn’t even aware of the top speed, but other things that I missed the most last year. And it looks like there have been improvements in those other areas, especially on my part. There’s not much more to say, I just want to start competing. Regarding the power delivery of the engine I feel good, honestly. I really think it’s one of the parts where we improved the most last year, especially the acceleration to control the sliding. These days, this was one of the areas where I think we’ve seen one of the biggest improvements. Even so, I still want to try it at another track, as in Sepang the way I managed to control the acceleration was excellent and I want to see if the same happens at other tracks, which I think has the potential to be crucial with used tyres. Of course, on a flying lap we can push and even slide the rear, but in a race it’s different. Now I feel that I can control the sliding better this year. Throughout my career this has always been one of my strengths and last year I didn’t have it. I remember that at Silverstone I had the opportunity to win but I suffered a lot with the loss of performance from the tires and at Assen it was the same. But this year I feel like I have it again.

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