Fernando Alonso is not satisfied with second place

Fernando Alonso’s words.

Fernando Alonso aims high with the new Aston Martin: “It looks great and it’s wonderful. We just have to make sure it’s fast. Now it’s up to us on every race weekend and I can’t wait to get my hands on the wheel. The impact with the team has been quite amazing to be honest: we have been in contact for the last few months and of course since January I have been here at the factory for some simulation sessions and visiting the new facilities that will be ready soon. I feel that there is a lot of energy in the team and there are new people who joined the technical department last year: there is a new factory, a new wind tunnel, a new driver. So everything is good, I’m looking forward to riding.”

“What drew me here? Lawrence’s leadership is obviously an important factor. Investment and talent are usually a good recipe for success in Formula 1-we hope we can make this a successful project, coming as soon as possible. We will try to take some shortcuts. I think we will have to make sure we have a good base for future cars. I think last year the team went through some difficulties during the first part of the year, but had a good second half of the season, we need to see that progress in 2023 as well. We were defeated in the field, but we won’t be satisfied with fourth place, or even third and second, although we may not be able to win right away.”

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