Marc Marquez and the test of the RC213V without wings: ‘I am the rider with the most experience and they chose me to test these things’

Marc Marquez starred in a very interesting moment. On the last day of official testing on the Sepang track, Marc took to the asphalt with an RC213V without any kind of aerodynamic support. Questioned about how the experience of riding the bike in these conditions was, the eight-time world champion began by saying that he was asked to carry out a series of experimental tests, which included going to the track with a ‘simple’ bodywork.

‘The new Technical Manager [Ken Kawauchi] has arrived at HRC at Honda and he wants to understand a lot of things about the concept. And this, of course, makes life very difficult for a test rider, but the rider within Honda with the most experience is me and they chose me to test these experimental things just to understand’, he said.

The rider made it clear that he tried not to go into detail about this experience, stating that the whole piloting became more physical:

– Of course it’s not the way, but they try to understand many different things about the concept to… I don’t know why, but they want to know and of course they will have a reason. I didn’t ask why, I was just riding. It was difficult, but the balance of the bike was completely different. It was much more physical because the bike was shaking everywhere. But I hope it was useful to them.

And he concluded by sharing his desire to test new things in the next test: ‘This was the most visual thing, but we tried many things like this on the bike during these three days and now they will receive all the information and I hope they bring something back in Portimao’.

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