Common questions about Hashimotos Thyroiditis answered by Harvard Health Publishing.

How I reversed my Hashimoto’s disease naturally?

Answered by Dr. Robert H. Shmerling
M.D. Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 30 years of experience · USA

There is no convincing scientific evidence that Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can be reversed naturally. However, in nearly all cases, the underactive thyroid gland function that is characteristic of this condition is easily treated by taking a medication that replenishes low thyroid hormone. As with many other autoimmune disorders, the cause of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is unknown but is suspected to be due to a combination of genetic tendency and an environmental trigger. Future research may reveal a specific cause of this condition and ways to treat it naturally.

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Does Hashimoto’s disease affect fertility?

Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine
M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA

Hashimoto’s disease, also called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system makes antibodies against the thyroid gland. The thyroid becomes inflamed. Initially the person may release extra thyroid hormone, but over time most people are left with an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Untreated hypothyroidism in women can make it harder for them to conceive.

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