Man City tipped to ‘end up’ in League Two if found guilty and ‘upset’ owners may ‘pull out’

Sam Allardyce thinks Man City “could end up” in League Two if they are found guilty of breaching over 100 of the Premier League’s financial rules.

At the start of this week, it was announced that Man City have been charged by the Premier League over ‘more than 100’ breaches of their financial rules.

A four-year probe has gone into City’s conduct and it relates to their actions over a nine-year period between 2009 and 2018.

If found guilty, Man City could be deducted points or even relegated. Pep Guardiola spoke to reporters on Friday and he complained that they have “already been sentenced” by the media and rival clubs.

Guardiola also believes that the charges have been driven by Premier League clubs. Allardyce is of a similar opinion as he feels that City’s rivals are “jealous” of their success.

“Of course there is jealousy – all the other clubs will be rubbing their hands together wanting Man City to be found guilty, as we’ve seen in the press,” Allardyce said on the No Tippy Tappy Football podcast.

“Football has always been unfair. The fact that if you have more fans, you have more money to spend, that’s what it was like when I played.

“The ones that had the most fans had the most money, and that’s how they grew. Football is a business now; as long as it’s the right money coming in, why not welcome it?

“It seems like the owners and the chief executives want City kicked out of the league which is not the right thing to do. I hope they aren’t found guilty and prove the other side and come out on top.”

Allardyce later suggested that Man City could “end up in the bottom league” and he is wary that the club’s owners could opt to withdraw their funding if they are relegated.

“It’s foreseeable that they could end up like Rangers,” Allardyce added.

“They could end up in the bottom league and have to work their way back up again. As the owner of City – a conglomerate that owns numerous different football clubs and sports franchises – what if they decide to pull out?

“If the owners get upset and think their reputation is tarnished, they may want to be seen doing the right thing, they could say they don’t need this anymore. City is not a huge slice of their business model; they could just pull the plug.

“From my point of view, I hope they haven’t done it. There will be nothing worse than the bad publicity it is going to bring to Manchester City and the Premier League. It’s a great shame it pops up in the middle of the season again and dominates the headlines instead of the beauty of the game and the entertainment value that City bring.”

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