McDonald’s is bringing back this popular item and it will stay on the menu permanently

The McSpicy burger will make a triumphant return to McDonald’s branches across the UK after a successful temporary launch last year. Fans loved the chilli marinade and spicy crispy coating so much that McDonald’s has decided to make it a permanent fixture on the menu.

What is the McSpicy?

The burger features a spicy chicken breast fillet topped with crunchy cool lettuce and mayo between toasted sesame seed buns. It will go on sale next week for £4.79 or £6.29 as part of an extra value meal – a 50p increase on last year.

Gráinne Allen, Director of Food and Innovation for McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland commented in the announcement, as per The Halifax Courier:

We’re so pleased to be welcoming the McSpicy to our permanent menu across the UK and Ireland.

The McSpicy brings the heat to our menu, and we hope chicken lovers across the nation are as excited about its permanence as we are.

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McSpicy burger fans

The announcement was greeted with excitement by fans on the McDonald’s social media channel, who had been demanding the return of the popular menu item, as per The Sun:

One said: ‘Favourite burger ever it should be out all year!’

While another said: ‘Bring it back!!! It should be on permanent it’s the nicest thing on the menu!’

And a one fan on Twitter said: ‘McDonald’s needs to bring back the McSpicy

If you love your burgers and think you cand handle the heat, the McSpicy will be on sale at McDonalds branches in the UK and Ireland from 15 February.

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