Romania scraps auction for H2 trains as no supplier showed up

The Railway Reform Authority (ARF) in Romania said that the procedure carried out in the public procurement system (SICAP) for 12 electric frames based on hydrogen fuel cells, a deal financed under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), was cancelled by default as none of the 5 registered companies submitted an offer, according to

The 12 trains were expected to cost between RON 2.5 bln (EUR 500 mln, including 15-year maintenance and H2 supply services) and RON 4.25 bln (EUR 850 mln, including 30-year maintenance and H2 supply services), VAT not included.

ARF said it “will analyze the solutions for resuming the procedure in the shortest possible time in order to meet the PNRR milestones and use the funds allocated to the railway system.”

It will also carry out a series of market consultations through the SICAP electronic auction platform to identify the appropriate solutions to the issues flagged by the interested companies in the course of the failed procedure.

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