Poland closes another checkpoint at the border with Belarus for security reasons

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski announced Thursday that he has ordered the closure of the Bobrowniki checkpoint on the border with Belarus for security reasons.

Kamiski has indicated that, “in the interests of state security”, he has decided to suspend the border post between Poland and Belarus as of 12.00 (local time) this Saturday, February 10, as he has indicated on his Twitter account.

However, it has not openly specified the cause of the border crossing closure, although it is framed within the framework of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has put the countries in the area on alert.

In November 2021, after the beginning of the migration crisis, Poland suspended movement through the Kuznica checkpoint, also on the border with Belarus, which has not been reopened for the time being.

Thus, at the border between the two countries, only one crossing point, Brest, is available for the transit of trucks and light vehicles.


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