Gary Neville explains how Man Utd ‘would always win Prem’; admits he has ‘sympathy’ for City

Gary Neville has explained why he has “sympathy” for Man City after it was revealed that they are accused of over 100 breaches of Financial Fair Play rules.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Premier League have charged Man City for ‘more than 100’ breaches of financial rules. This is said to have followed a four-year probe into the club’s actions.

It is understood that the potential punishments for Man City include relegation, points deduction and a significant fine. The club’s former financial advisor feels that they “must” be relegated if they are found guilty of all offences. 

It is anticipated that there will be a long legal battle before a verdict is reached, so this issue is unlikely to be resolved before the end of this season.

Neville was speaking about Man City’s situation during the latest upload on The Overlap’s YouTube channel. He has “sympathy” for the Premier League champions as he is “not a fan of Financial Fair Play regulations”.

“On the financial side, I do have some sympathy for Manchester City,” Neville said on The Overlap Live Fan Debate.

“If you look at what Jack Walker [former Blackburn Rovers owner] did in 1992, 1993, 1994, that was financial doping but it was deemed to be something completely different because he was a local businessman who pumped money into his club. I’m not a fan of the Financial Fair Play Regulations.

“It means you’ll always have the same clubs at the very top, because their revenues are higher and you’ll always have the lower clubs lower down, because they can’t compete with the revenue. We do need sustainability and cost controls in football, and this is one of the biggest decisions in the next 12 to 18 months.”

But Neville did go onto claim that Man Utd “would probably always win the league” if “football was about true sustainability”.

“If football was about true sustainability, Manchester United would probably always win the league. Their revenue is so high, that they would have so much money to spend on players, that it would become very unfair on the rest,” Neville added.

“We’ll never see Bournemouth, Brighton or Brentford, if you didn’t have owner-funding in football.

“When Manchester City started to present sponsorship or commercial revenues that were higher than Manchester United, Real Madrid and Liverpool, people would have started to think something is wrong.

“City can never be as big a club as United on the global scale, when it comes to power. However, City do have greater revenues at this moment in time. That is something that is slightly unbelievable, and they’re going to have to answer.

“The owners have to clear themselves because if they do find themselves guilty, it will be a real problem for them, and it will be really damaging to their reputation.”

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