How good is strawberry for you? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and health concerns

Perspective from Faith Seke

PhD, Agronomy and Crop Science (ongoing), Master’s degree, Food Science and Technology · 1 years of experience · South Africa

Possible Side Effects

  • There is a risk that strawberries may contain pesticide residues.
  • Individuals taking Beta-blockers should consult with healthcare practitioners before increasing strawberry intake. This medication may increase potassium levels in the blood and consuming a potassium rich fruit like strawberry can cause adverse effects.

Quantity Recommendation

  • It is recommended that one consumes a serving of eight strawberries in a day and consumption everyday is recommended to diabetic patients as they may help in reducing complications.

Strawberry: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in.

See benefits of Strawberry from this expert

Perspective from Livia Dickson Chen

PhD in Nutrition · 11 years of experience · Brazil

Possible Side Effects

  • Individuals with a condition known as pollen-food allergy, may have strawberry allergy.
  • Strawberries contains salicylates. Some people are sensitive to these compounds and may experience an allergic reaction.
  • Strawberries contains goitrogens, compounds which may interfere with thyroid function, so individuals with a thyroid condition should avoid consume strawberry in excess.

Quantity Recommendation

  • Strawberries can be consumed in diverse ways. The ideal is to consume two to three units a day, in its natural form, or in a simple recipe that does not require the addition of sugar and other industrialized and caloric ingredients.

Strawberry: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in.

Love Strawberry? Get nutritional facts, tips from health experts, and more

This is for information purpose only, and should not be considered as a substitute for medical expertise. These are opinions from an external panel of individual doctors, and not to be considered as opinion of Microsoft. Please seek professional help regarding any health conditions or concerns.

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