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The capital city of the Philippines, Manila, is the center of the country’s economic and cultural activities. Popular vacation destination in the country is filled with colonial churches, big malls, museums, and dazzling nightclubs. Often overlooked as a congested and densely populated city, Manila is a hub for sports, adventurous activities, open spaces, and even underwater activities.

In Manila, you will find some delectable dishes that you just cannot miss! There are some mouth-watering dishes and tasty dishes like Filipino Fish Ball, Lumpia, and Halohalo and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Filipino Fish Ball

The filipino fish ball is basically a finely chopped fish patty which is squished up into a ball. It has a flat shape and is usually made of cuttlefish or pollock. Usually a sweet and spicy sauce or thick black, sweet and sour sauce is served alongside of the fish balls.

The most popular places to try out Filipino Fish Ball is Mang Alex fishball.

2. Lumpia

Lumpiang sariwa is a Manilla-style fresh spring roll. It is a typical spring roll size with a crepe like wrapper and has slivers of stir=fried vegetables such as string beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes Often a protein will be added to this Manilian creation along with variations of slivers of pork, chicken, small shrimp or all of the above. With a dash of sweet soy thickened sauce on top and a garnishment of peanuts the spring roll is ready for the devouring.

The most popular places to try out Lumpia are Lei’s Fresh Lumpia, The Aristocrat and Lumpiarito.

3. Halohalo

A simple yet sweet delicacy, halo-halo is a very popular Filipino cold dessert that is often found in the street markets of Manila. The original version consisted of only cooked red beans in crushed ice with sugar and milk. Nowadays, the modern halo-halo uses egg custard (called ube leche flan), softly shredded coconut (known as macapuno) and can also include a generous portion of purple yam (called ube).

The most popular places to try out Halohalo are Aling Consuelo Original Halo-Halo and Kabigting’s Halo-halo.

4. Pancit

Pancit are usually dishes made with rice noodles. Originally introduced by Chinese settlers int he Philippines, pancit are a local cuisine in its many forms.Pancit means “convenient food” and can be found in Filipino supermarkets and made at home. Noodle dishes are commonly found in local restaurants which are called panciterias.

The most popular places to try out Pancit are ALING NORMA’S PANCIT MALABON and Manila Sunset Prices and Locations.

5. Tiyula Itum

Tiyula Itum is a black soup that is usually served during special occasions. This dish is known to be found at weddings and even served to royalty. It is similar to Nilaga or Tinola but has a much bolder flavor. It is a distinctive dish and not usually served in normal Filipino restaurants.

The most popular places to try out Tiyula Itum are Tiyula Itum and Dulang (Halal Restaurant).

6. Banana Cue

A favorite street food of the Philippines, Banana Cue is a simple dish made with pieces of saba or cardaba bananas rolled in brown sugar and deep fried, resulting in sweet banana chunks with a layer of caramelized sugar on the outside. Banana Cue is usually served on bamboo skewers for easy eating while on the go.

The most popular places to try out Banana Cue are Izakaya Sensu, Pino Restaurant and manila.

7. Adobo

The adobo cooking method is the go-to way for people in the Philipines to prepare meat. It is cut into larger chunks, uniform in size for even cooking. The chunks are first seared in hot oil or fats until browned. Vinegar or soy sauce is added, and it is allowed to simmer under low heat until the meat softens to fork-tender texture. This slow cooking also allows the meat to transform the liquid into a thick, flavorful sauce.

The most popular places to try out Adobo are Army Navy, Bakmi Nyonya and Saveur.

8. Igado

Igado is an Ilocano dish that’s popular not only in the Ilocos provinces, but in other parts of the Philippines and overseas Filipino communities as well. The main ingredients of igado are strips of meat, liver and other animal organs cooked with garlic, onions and bell peppers. Igado is a Filipino dish with pork tenderloin, green peas, and bell peppers in a tangy and savory sauce for an easy weeknight dinner.

The most popular places to try out Igado is GUSTAZO GOURMET.

9. Dirty Ice Cream

Sorbetes is the customary variety of frozen yogurt made in the Philippines. Frequently pejoratively called “dirty ice cream”, it is unmistakable from the comparably named sorbet. Sold by road peddlers, it is normally served in little wafer or sugar cones and all the more as of late, bread buns. Ice cream was presented in the Philippines during the American Occupation when fridges and other cooling gadgets were introduced. While American frozen yogurt was made with bovine’s milk, utilizing the milk of the carabao, a sort of water wild ox, brought about a less expensive item which got known as “sorbetes”. The two sorts of milk are generally utilized today.

The most popular places to try out Dirty Ice Cream is Papa Diddi’s.

10. Isaw

Isaw is a simple, inexpensive meat treat famously found at the University of the Philippines. The process of making this grilled food begins by cleaning the chicken or pork intestines inside and out, usually boiling them to sterilize and tenderize the meat. They are then coiled onto a skewer, and sometimes marinated or barbecued before grilling.

The most popular places to try out Isaw are Tambai and Mang Larry’s Isawan.

11. Turon

Turons are a sweet snack that consist of a rice paper wrapped banana that has been deep-fried. The particular banana used is called a saba, or cooking banana, which is similar to a plantain. The entire treat is then glazed with brown sugar. A sweet Filipino treat, turons are often consumed in the afternoon or as a dessert snack after meals.

The most popular places to try out Turon are Abdiel Food Corner, Pepeton’s Grill and Pino Restaurant.

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