The woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity, Sasha Walpole, confessed: «He didn’t look like a virgin»

If this week we were surprised by the auction of a collection of 32 letters of Lady Di that the Kassems couple is going to make, this Sunday we have been speechless to read the testimony of Sasha Walpole, the woman with whom Prince Harry lost his virginity when he was a minor. Some statements that have already gone around the world for its importance and that will give much to talk about.

A few weeks ago when ‘In the shade’, the autobiography of Lady Di’s son was released, we knew very private aspects of his life and his family that had never come to light, but in particular, he spoke of the first sexual episode he experienced when he was still a minor outside a pub with an older woman. Today, this person has broken her silence and her face is already well known.

Sasha has confessed to ‘The Sun’ that she made out with the prince at his birthday party. When everyone was inside – and although you could smoke inside – she went out with Harry to the field that was in the vicinity. An episode that lasted “five minutes, I slapped his bum and I remember his underwear”.

The first time of the son of King Charles III took place in the field while the young man’s escorts were looking for him in a blue Ford Fiesta. A sexual encounter that Sasha defines as a “passionate five-minute romp” that they had when both had drunk alcohol and other substances.

After that, the two returned “to the pub separately, as Harry suggested. But my friends saw me and burst out laughing. I didn’t have my belt on and you could tell I was a bit disheveled, from rolling around in the meadow.” Sasha has confessed that “I didn’t know he was a virgin, I didn’t think about it then” because “he didn’t look like a virgin, he seemed to know what he was doing”, but in the end “I knew he was a virgin”.

The aforementioned, now 40 years old, occupies the cover of ‘The Sun’ and explains that Harry, at that time, was a young man “extroverted, fun, a normal boy, one of the group, without airs”. Thus, we finally put a face to the woman who appears in Prince Harry’s autobiography, but what we do not know is whether he wanted all these intimate details to see the light.


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