Scholz denies that «measured» delivery of tanks to Ukraine will escalate conflict

The Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, has rejected on Sunday that the delivery of tanks to the Ukrainian Army, decided by Berlin after much reluctance, will end up escalating the war with Russia because the measure has been adopted with caution and with great consensus among Kiev’s international allies.

“All arms shipments to Ukraine have been measured and closely coordinated with our allies, starting above all with the United States,” he assured in an interview published this Sunday by the Sunday edition of ‘Bild’.

“It is a joint approach that prevents an escalation of the war,” he adds, before blaming the entire responsibility for the conflict, as well as for any escalation, on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“For no reason whatsoever, Russia has invaded a neighboring country. We simply cannot accept this situation, because it violates the order of peace in Europe. And that is why we support Ukraine with financial and humanitarian aid, and also with weapons,” he said.

Referring to Putin’s historical complaints — “German tanks again (against Russia),” the Russian president denounced — Scholz reproached his Kremlin counterpart for using “abstruse comparatives” because “nothing can justify this merciless war.”


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