Parliamentary head of Zelenski’s party confirms departure of defense minister

The head of the Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski’s party in Parliament has confirmed that Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov will step down and that his place will be taken by the head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, General Kirilo Budanov.

According to this deputy of the People’s Servant party, David Arajamia, Reznikov will remain within the Government as Minister of Strategic Industries, in order to strengthen cooperation between the military and business spheres, something he has assessed on Telegram as “absolutely logical” due to his previous experiences.

Zelenski has dismissed more than a dozen governors, deputy ministers and even a deputy advisor due to the alleged purchase of military rations at inflated prices by the Ministry of Defense, which had encouraged speculation in recent days about the future of Reznikov himself.

After several media outlets took his departure for granted this Sunday, the defense minister said that “no one is in office forever” and that, in any case, the last word always rests with the president. “I will do what the head of state suggests,” he claimed, according to Ukrinform.

The minister, who has promised that he will continue to work for victory against Russian forces, fears that there will be a new major offensive later this month, coinciding with the first anniversary of the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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