Fabio Quartararo names Enea Bastianini: his prediction for 2023

After the lost world championship duel in 2022, the feeling of having to contend with one more rival is popping up.

Fabio Quartararo challenged Pecco Bagnaia for the MotoGP title last season, but expect another serious contender for the title in the next one. That would be Enea Bastianini, who the French rider says could also shuffle the cards in Ducati.

“I think seeing Bagnaia and Bastianini battle against each other in the official Ducati team will be good,” Quartararo explained, as reported by ‘Motorsport.com’. Last year they won 11 Grands Prix between the two of them, and their team will be the strongest again this year. But what happens if your partner goes better than you? It will be a very interesting fight.”

“Bastianini will be among the favorites in 2023,” Quartararo insisted. Who now expects to have to at will battle with his new rival: “We haven’t yet had a real head-to-head battle on the track. Sometimes I win and he falls, sometimes the opposite happens. However, I think a duel between us will come very soon.”

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