A tiny puppy was nearly burnt alive and abandoned ‘crying’ in excruciating pain

An animal rescue group launched a desperate plea for help after an innocent puppy with severe burns all over its body was found abandoned in Miami, Florida.

The poor pooch was suffering from such excruciating pain that it ‘couldn’t stop crying’.

The furry angel is still in critical condition.

‘Tortured’ and dumped

Dade, a tiny puppy weighing just three pounds, was found dumped near a warehouse in Miami, Florida, on Saturday, January 28. The pooch had severe burns all over his little body and ‘did nothing but cry’ while fighting for his life.

The pup was taken to Miami-Dade Animal Services and then transferred to Mutty Paws Rescue in West Palm Beach. The charity that took him in believes that the dog, named Dade by his rescuers, has been ‘tortured’ and endured a living ‘hell’.

They shared heartbreaking pictures showing horrific injuries in a graphic Facebook post that read:

He is 4 weeks old and his 4 weeks of life have been hell! When we received his rescue plea.. we didn’t grasp how bad his burns actually would be in person.

He is in so much pain, he is IN SHOCK and all he does is cry. His breathing is laboured, and his skin is sloughing off of him. SOMEONE TORTURED HIM.

How anyone could do this to any animal, let alone a 3lb baby is incomprehensible.

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Dade is still ‘critical’

Mutty Paws Rescue launched a desperate plea for donations to help pay for treatment to save Dade’s life. The animal welfare organisation said it had already spent over £8,300 / $10,000 on vet care, but added that the cost ‘will absolutely continue to go up’ so more support was needed.

The pup is currently hospitalised and is ‘stable but still critical’.

According to Mutty Paws Rescue, the vet is planning to put in place HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) by next week, which will cost a whopping £5,000 – £7,500 / $6,000-$9,000 more.

They are asking the public to support the pooch that has been through so much already.

Persons wishing to help Dade can donate at the Mutty Paws Rescue website.

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