Elon Musk reclaims title of world’s richest person

Elon Musk has reclaimed his title as the world’s richest person, knocking the boss of luxury goods giant LMVH, Bernard Arnault, off the top spot. His net worth has soared… Read more

See Details Why President Ruto Claims Njugush, Eddie Butita Are Earning More than His Salary

President William Ruto hosted the National Drama Festivals at State House Nairobi, where there were activities galore Comedians Njugush and Eddie Butita attended the festival, and they made a heartwarming… Read more

Matcha Tea: Is Too Much a Risk to Your Kidneys? Expert Advice.

Expert opinion from Joanna Lei Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition & Health · 9 years of experience · Canada Drinking green tea or match tea in moderation is shown… Read more

California law would make tech giants pay for news

A proposed law requiring internet giants to pay for news stories moved forward in California on Friday, despite Facebook owner Meta threatening to pull news from its platform if it… Read more

Professional FAQs: Are primordial follicles eggs?

Answered by Dr. Wesley D Palmer Doctor of Medicine · 23 years of experience · USA Primordial follicles are precursors to human eggs (oocytes) in the embryonic development of humans.… Read more

Are primordial follicles eggs? Find out what the experts say

Answered by Dr. Marcelle Freire Doctor of Medicine · 3 years of experience · Brazil The primordial follicle can best be described as a pre-egg. It will still develop to… Read more

Citizenship Week: NCCE steps up engagement with basic schools in Ashanti

By Yussif Ibrahim Kumasi, Juno 02, GNA – The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has stepped up engagements with basic schools as part of this year’s Citizenship Week Celebration… Read more

GM, Stellantis Fined $363M For Failing To Meet US Fuel Economy Standards: Report

The fines were $235.5 million for Stellantis and $128.2 million for General Motors The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fined General Motors and Stellantis $363 million for not meeting Corporate… Read more

Whaling opposition rises in Iceland as govt ban looms

Opposition to whaling is on the rise in Iceland with a majority now in favour of dropping the practice, a fresh public opinion poll showed ahead of a possible government… Read more

Video – Kirian Mirabet’s tribute to Ken Block with Honda Africa Twin

Kirian, who last year did a backflip with an Africa Twin equipped with bags, paid tribute to Ken Block.   This year, the Spanish rider, famous on social networks for… Read more
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